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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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another great day. you can see quiet conditions after the overnight cloudiness and again with winds out of the north here at about 15 miles per hour and getting a chance to dry out the atmosphere should be fantastic with high temperatures cooler than yesterday. yesterday we were in the mid- 80s and today only about 80 or so. mostly sunny and just a beautiful afternoon. 80 degrees is the afternoon high. which is close to where we should be this time of year. and if you love summertime weather, you'll love this weather forecast. i'll have that for you in a few. our big story this morning, high security in new york city where world leaders have gathered for the start of the general assembly of the united nations. >> they're using the meeting to touch on poverty, international and global security. stacy cohan is here with more. >> reporter: well 192 countries come together in new york for the united nations general assembly.
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and the slate of topics is vast. and once again iran dominates the news. sarah shourd has thanked the iranian government for the humanitarian gesture of her release but only feels one- third free. her fiance and friend are stillism prisoned in taw ran. meantime ahmadinejad claims his country is flourishing despite multi rounds of sanctions by the security council. there appears to be a lack of cooperation in the nuclear inspect program. >> it is clear that the future belongs to iran and enemys will be fruitless and hence sanctions too will become ineffective. >> we're getting word that they are worried about the impact of the banking system and economic grand juror because they've encountered tough economic times andsin making it more
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costly. >> reporter: also on the u.n. agenda, worldwide poverty. ten years ago the united nations said eight hume ab tearan -- humanitarian goals have declined in asia and latin america but africa is still struggling to pleat anti- poverty goals. >> thank you so much. well stay with fox 5 online and on air with you can read a interview with ahmadinejad. it's on there is a consideration of genetically altered salmon growing twice as fast as the normal kind and safe to eat. but critics are worried about eating fish containing growth
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hormones. new this morning, we are learning more about a young woman killed over the weekend. ashley mccray was found shot on bruce place south east around 3:30 a.m. on saturday. mccray was rushed to george washington university hospital. she was working in at a restaurant and attending college. it was a violent weekend. a week of disputes that turned deadly. three times police were called out to break up a fight between a man and woman. officers arrived to find cohen holding a gun. police charged steven combs- lefleur for killing his wife. he called 911 to tell police
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she fell, but when they arrived they found she had been beaten to death. and a man shot and killed his wife in the middle of the road before turning the gun on himself. police arrived to find the couple arguing and tried to get mr. baits from holding a gun to his wife. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the maximum security prison in jarrett this week. she pled to murder for hire. her husband and stepsons are victims. the orthopedic surgeon dr. david cohen continues to get better after he was shot. police say paul warren portis got so upset about his mother's
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condition that he shot the doctor. police are talking to workers to see if they could have stopped the shooting. and both the white house and some of the republican party are getting nervous about the tea party movement and whether it's an opportunity or a theft. >> magging the rounds on the internet this morning a clip from 1999 of candidate christine o'donnell. she admitted to doubling in witchcraft on the bill heyer politically incorrect show. >> how you can be a witch? >> because i doubled into witchcraft and i hung around people doing these things. i'm not making this up. i know what they told me they do. >> one of my dates. >> whoa, i want to hear that. >> one of my first dates was a satanic alter. >> doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the latest wrinkle in the tea party saga, news
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that tea party sensation and delaware republican candidate christine o'donnell may have doubled in witchcraft in high school. but no, there has been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporters now. >> reporter: but no republican party guru karl rove is not a supporter. even though o'connell could offer the only shot at taking the senate. >> my view is she can't ignore it and she has to explain it and put it out in the light and move on. >> reporter: but they'll have to deal with candidates. and in one state it is joe miller. republican senator lisa mruczkowski. >> it's not an extreme view that the voters here embrace but one that puts the state forward and has the capacity to put all of the states in this nation forward. >> reporter: murkowski isn't
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going away quietly. she's pushing a write-in seat for herself. a fox news poll shows that 47% of voters think congress would be better off with a clean slate. those are the kind of numbers that give candidates like christine o'connell hope as she wages another uphill battle. and the white house is watching closely as well. the new york times reports there have been discussions within the obama administration about whether to launch some kind of national ad campaign to tie the tea party movement to the republican party. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. in the gulf of mexico, the well is dead. bp killed the blownout well that exploded in the gulf. but just because there is a permanent kill does not mean a permanent fix for the people devastated by the spill. fox news peter doocy spoke with people of the gulf coast. >> reporter: engineers say bp's busted well in the gulf is
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officially dead. five months after it rerupted killing 11 men on board a rig. they used a seal to plug the crude. >> with this oil spill, beyond physical damage. >> for many in the gulf, this did little to soak financial worries. the spill cut them off from making a living. >> we are working 60-80 hours a week and now all of a sudden to not go out there was a bit of shock to many. >> reporter: admiralled thatal ep acknowledging the deep scar left on the gulf. >> how people are grown up and raised and the watermen that operate down here. this is dramatic to this area. >> but billions of dollars was set aside, money can't fix everything. >> if it's mixed in the water, where will it kill? what will it do? >> i don't think we realize it would be that big. >> residents in indiana said
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they will be left cleaning up for years to come. >> and you have people saying that the oil is picked up and it's over and the spill is finished but it's not. we still have a lot of oil left out here to pick up. >> reporter: bp is taking some of the blame, saying workers failed to determine a key pressure test but it's also pointing to halliburton and partner at the site. another robbery reported in the college park area. we have the latest from police after the break. plus the bed bug outbreak getting worst and forcing other shores to -- forcing stores to shut. and we'll discuss some updates and injury concerns from the skins game.
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making headlines this morning nike's flagship store in new york city is the late toast close because of a bed bug infestation. store hopes to reopen soon. several new york city businesses have been hit by bed bug infestation in recent months, including a time square movie theater, googles manhattan office and the empire state building. wow. another robbery reported in the college park area. police say a person was assaulted and robbed around 4:30 a.m. sunday in the parking lot of the college park shopping center on baltimore avenue. it's unclear whether this crime is related to a series of armed robberies near the university of maryland campus in recent weeks. there was one arrest made in those cases last week. get ready to share the road with a lot more bikes. today d.c. and arlington launched capital bike share with 1100 bicycles at 114 stations ash the area, it's billed as the largest program
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in the country. riders can pick up a bike at any station and return it at any other station. for information on how much it costs to ride, go to our website at and search web links. first year kicker and a time-out taken. began yo drilled it. >> houston called time before they snapped the ball. >> oh, no. heartbreaking loss for redskins. >> just when we thought they had it won, an untimely timeout. well it was timely, unfortunately. dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. i thought gano was great. >> he's a good kicker. 52 yards is not easy. >> it's not a give-me and he did it and i thought well now
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he knows he can do it. >> it's like golf. sometimes it's down the middle. >> and sometimes you shank it. >> so close and yet so far. let's take a look at highlights. >> and there are a lot of highlights. and there was a lot of good in this ballgame. and donovan mcnabb was the best. he was sensational. 28 of 38, over 400 yards. and at this point 27-10, good night irene, this one is over. but it's not because houston is good. they have a great offense and a great wide receiver. here they are down 7, 4th and 10 and they go up and get it. >> and i give them credit, the quarterback and andre johnson. >> yeah. there is nothing you can do there. and we saw thetimeout and then shanks a lot and going to the right and overtime continues and sadly we all new and shanahan had a feeling, if they get the ball back this was
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inevitable. and later ballgame is over. but so many positives to focus on. and just a new vibe with this team, they feel good about themselves and if you can feel good about a loss, which the players can, this is the one. >> i feel that way completely. i wish they had won but it was a great competitive game. we saw what mcnabb has in him. >> a couple of things we do have to keep our eye on today is a possible injury concern with trent williams, fourth overall in the draft. and they need this guy, tony and allison. because last year the offensive line was a wreck and he has really helped fortify the offensive line. we have a tweaked knee situation. he's going to have an mri on the knee. i talked to the redskins a little while ago. he's having it today, waiting for the swelling to go down. let's just hope there is no tear. just a sprain and make a week
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injury and maybe he's fine. but with knees and young guys you want to -- this is your future. so don't throw him back out there. we have to make sure it's good and if he's okay then the offensive line will be okay. >> judging from his reaction i'm concerned. >> as am i. >> because the athletech knows. >> they look like true warriors. >> and you know who played hard, your guy, landry. >> he wore himself out. >> because he was flying all over the ball again. last week he had 17 passes, allison, just for you. >> he is so strong. >> and this week 11 more. look at that. do you like the pose? >> i do. >> style points. it's good to see this guy. and talk about a guy they need on the defensive side of the ball. and if he plays at this level, he'll be a probowl player. and i know that there are some redskins fans that are depressed. you're not one of them, but there is a dogs that had a
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pouty face on today. can we get a shot of kennedy. and the dog days of the morning after. >> that's just one loss. >> it's just one. >> we're tied for first place with the eagles. >> 14 more games to go, kennedy, come on. pump it up. >> very good. i'll tell you what. i think the texans, if people were doubting what happened the week before, i think they served notice, we're for real and i think the redskins served notice that we're a different team this year. >> next week the redskins go to st. louis. hopefully got to get that win. the texans host the cowboys. >> they don't get a break. >> they will be 0-3, staring it right in the face. >> thank you. holly more sis pulling double duty today. she's live in northern virginia but before we talk about where she is, she also has an inside look at the new shows you'll see on fox 5. >> you spent some time in hollywood. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well i can tell you this is the week to watch
9:19 am
tv as fox serves up season premiers. the shows you love are back. new ones set to become your favorites are just starting. so here is your play list for monday night. what you need to watch or set your dvr for. at 8:00 it's house, the 7th season. and house and cutty are finally going to see if they can make it work romantically. and raul the while -- all the while dr. house will continue to solve medical mysteries. now at 9:00 stay tuned for lone star. it is a new provocative drama set in texas, hence the name, right. so this is what the show is about. james wolf plays robert and bob allen, a charismatic man who has constructed two lives in two very different worlds. he's got a beautiful wife in houston who is the daughter of a texas oil tikeon and a sweet, naive girlfriend in the west texas down of midland.
9:20 am
he's scamming money from both of them but he's generally falling for both. so will his house of cards come tumbling down. you'll have to tune in to see what happens. now i spoke with several members of the cast when i was in l.a. last week. all are very excited about the start of the show, especially james wolf. after all, he did land a role that has not one, but two beautiful leading ladies. >> you get to do las vegas scenes with two beautiful women. how tough of a gig can it be. >> that ain't bad. i'm not going to complain about that. i oftentimes try to be very mature and handle the question very well but this i'm say it's not. >> the word on the street is that he is a young george clooney. so you could be watching an awesome new show and watching a superstar in the making at the same time. so here you go. 8:00 is house. 9:00 is lone star. monday night prime time. and if your tv is not working. come here to the re-store in
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northern virginia in chantilly and support habitat for humanity and get a tv for as cheap as $10. we'll come back and talk about that. more than 1,000 people forced to evacuate. we have the latest on the fast- burning fire in utah. >> i was trying to get the prompter worker. plus massive protests in a terror threat but this morning the pope's trip to britain is declared a great success. a wrap-up on the trip next, when we come back. but first as we head to break, take -- time to take a look at today's trivia question. >> look at the trivia question. >> if you ordered a -- is this right -- a core royal at a
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restaurant, would you get a champagne drink, a steak, crepes ala mode, which would be be? head to we'll be right back after this break. map eas 
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firefighters trying to contain an uncontrolled fire burning in the salt lake city utah area. 1200 people have been evacuated. two homes have been destroyed. the blaze started yesterday and has burned more than 300 acres. officials say dry brush caught fire during an artillery training session. pope benedict xvi is back at the vatican with the visit being called a great success. the cost shoulders by the government, and demonstrators spoke out about the priest sex
9:26 am
abuse crisis. a issue he directed head on during mass. >> i express my sorry to see these crimes. >> i think we need to see policy in action. >> he's just saying what he thinks he needs to say. >> the pope did meet with five victims of presex abuse. protestors also demonstrated against the catholic churches stand on birth control and condom distribution to fight aids in africa. hurricane igor passing over bermuda but residents are in the clear just yet. we'll take you to southhampton for the latest on the conditions coming up next on fox 5 morning news. also ahead an x games winner who relies on engine vibration and shadows to maneuver her bike past her competitors because she is profoundly deaf. we'll introduce you to one remarkable young lady. fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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[ wink! ] [ wink! ] ♪ it appears the east coast
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will avoid the wrath of hurricane igor. the category one store barely missed bermuda. it did feel some impact. the storm is making its way up the atlantic ocean. >> residents on the island are not in the clear yet. a tropical storm warning remains in effect. rick leventhal filed this report from bermuda this morning. >> reporter: tropical storm force winds and rain blasting us here on the morning after hurricane igor blew into bermuda. and about 80% of the islands 64,000 residents should not be relying on electric alarm clocks to wake them up because that's how many are without power this morning. in fact we've been told to stay off the roads. all residents are being asked to stay indoors so crews and police and fire officials can go out and assess whatever damages there may be to the island. we can show you the ocean today, which is not as violent as it was throughout the day yesterday with high surf, 15-
9:31 am
foot waves and higher, and a storm surge that was bringing a lot of water on to shore and on to some of the platforms and balconies and terraces you see down there. the splash from some of the waves was going up to the condo railing some 70 feet above the ocean. the biggest concern here was storm surge and coastal flooding because hurricane igor having downgraded from a category four to a one. it lasted for several hours, the hurricane-force winds d. the hotel was being pounded throughout the night and now the winds are hitting us and things are starting to subside and bermuda residents can get out and assess the damages. in bermuda, rick leventhal, fox news. >> we have rip currents here along the east coast. >> yeah. >> and heavy surf, but that's about it. >> so far we've been lucky this year. that would have been worse.
9:32 am
it's been falling apart the last couple of days. >> tucker barnes has the latest on the weather. very latest. and around here we continue the sunny streak. and normally we talk about what a great forecast we have, but we need rain. we start the week with more sunshine. and if you like heat and humidity for the first day of fall, we have it on the five- day forecast. you think so? well you just wait until you see the five-day. we have 90s or low 90s. and i mentioned a little chance of rain and the chances are slim. maybe wednesday night and thursday we might be able to eek out a thunderstorm but most of the week dry. and igor is still a hurricane. maximum winds 75 miles per hour. they had wind gusts up to 93 miles per hour in bermuda. so fairly significant storm pushing off to the north and east. now 70 at reagan national. warming up a little bit. still 60s off to the north and west. 66 in frederick.
9:33 am
64 in gaithersburg. 72 in fredericksberg. annapolis cooling down, 66 now. and leonardtown 68. our winds shifted out of the northwest gusting to about 25 miles per hour. that lets us know the cold front has come through. you might be able to pick it out on the satellite radar. can't see much of the a little cloud cover overnight. see the cloud cover. and that's it. off to the north and west, a lot of clear skies and quiet conditions. so unfortunately just no rain in the forecast here. this has been a dry weather pattern for the month of september. and it's set to continue out there for the next five to seven days. behind me is the western edge of hurricane igor. you can see it there in the visible satellite and quickly pushing off to the north and east. and the only thing we have to deal with are the waves. our forecast great, 80. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. winds will lighten up out of the north at about 5 miles per hour. later tonight -- earlier i said open the windows, you might want to keep them closed. 54 in town, cool one overnight.
9:34 am
clear skies and should be beautiful if you are out star gazing. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. great looking five-day forecast. i mentioned we needed the rain. we won't get it but we will see temperatures on the hot and humid side by wednesday, thursday and friday. high temperatures in the upper 80s maybe low 90s toward the end of the week. that will do it for the forecast. allison, back to you at the desk. she is a motocross champion, winner of the an x games champion and turned pro while a teenager. >> and the athlete we're about to meet relies on engine vibrations and shadows to move past competitors because she is profoundly deaf. sarah simmons joins us live with more. >> reporter: it's quite an amazing story, like you mentioned. and the young woman we're talking about today is ashley fileex. she is going to be speaking with the students here about
9:35 am
the fact that even show these 100% deaf, she has been able to overcome that and really attain her dreams and we want to talk with her and let you know her father jim is with us interpreting today. thank you so much for coming out. tell us, how are you able to get into this sport, ride the bike? it's something that i would imagine would be difficult being 100% deaf. how do you do this? it's an amazing story. >> my mom and dad believed in me, and always encouraged me and said it doesn't matter that you are deaf, just go outside and we love motorcycles and just go out and ride and i rode with my mom and dad and found it interesting and starting racing. and i feel the vibration of the motor and that's how i shift. and sometimes i overrev it but i'm used to it. >> reporter: but this is a men's sport, and also a woman's
9:36 am
sport and you have been able to take an interest in this. what got you so fascinated by it and thought i'm going to do this and i can do anything? >> well my dad used to race motorcycles and brought me to a supercross race when i was young. i think i was 2 years old and i watched it and i loved it. it was something i wanted to do, to ride and start pursuing. and i started racing when i was 7 and fell in love with it. and motorcycle is the most awesome sport in the world so it's a lot of fun. everyone should try it. >> reporter: now you beat out the five-time women's motocross winner to become the youngest women's champ in the world. do you think in a sense that maybe you've been able to -- it's made you better, you were able to feel the vibration. is there something about that that made you more successful than others? >> well of course i love to
9:37 am
win. that's made it possible i think. i'm very motivated as well. so being deaf has -- does play into it and it has some advantages and disadvantages. i don't have the pressure of people behind me. i don't hear them. so that doesn't bother me. but it doesn't matter being deaf, it's all in my heart and it's what i want to do and what i dream about. >> reporter: what is your message today. i know you are speaking with some students here. what is the message you would like to get across to them and all children out there, anybody watching today? >> well i want to inspire them for sure. let them know that deaf people can do anything. it doesn't matter. they just can't hear, that's all. but you have to believe in yourself, you have to surround yourself with good people and be motivated. you have to work hard. if you set goals and are willing to work hard, your is possible. ome true and >> reporter: anything else you would like to tackle after this
9:38 am
maybe? >> of course i want to keep being competitive and in motocross and work in motocross. i'm going to keep racing for a long time though so we'll wait and see. >> reporter: well congratulations and the best to you. we appreciate you talking to us today. >> thank you very much for everything. >> reporter: tony and allison, back to you guys. what an amazing story of inspiration that she has. back to you. >> it really is. thank you, sarah. and seeing the video of the stunts and everything she's doing. that's amazing. >> not letting it hold her back. more legal trouble in the meantime for another young woman, lindsey lohan. this morning the producer of her next movie project, did you know she had a movie project in the works? >> uh-huh. >> okay. well that person is responding to the news. we have details coming up on fox 5. >> we'll see how long she has that movie project in the works. plus paris hilton is heading to court. the latest stories topping the buzz bin when we come back. and as we take you to break, here is a look at the
9:39 am
trivia question. if you ordered a kir royale at a restaurant -- is that right? >> yes. >> thank you. what would you get? would you get a champagne drink, steak topped with a mushroom glaze or crepes ala mode. i wish i could get that right now. fox 5 morning news is coming right back after the break.
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she's been given a chance but oh, well. lindsey lohan can't seem to escape legal troubles. with the producer of the next movie inferno set back. she failed a court mandated drug test and could face 30 days in jail. she was released from rehab last month after serving two weeks in jail for violating probation in a dui case.
9:43 am
no word on how this will effect the production schedule of her film. paris hilton is expected in court today. she has agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges in connection with her arrest in sin city, las vegas last month. she struck a plea deal allowing her to avoid serving jail time and avoid a felony conviction. instead she'll be put on probation for a year. she was charged with cocaine possession and obstructing an officer. lady gaga may be getting some attention from paparazzi. she taking a step against the don't ask don't tell military policy. she asking to convince legislate you'res you're -- legislatures to stop the policy into and policy.
9:44 am
and pets in need of good homes. and we have two more too. it's all coming up next after the break. and then habitat for humanity in northern virginia is celebrating it's 20th anniversary. this morning holly is with them at their restore in chantilly. she'll explain what that is and how you might want to visit. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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9:47 am
pets enrich our lives. she provide unconditional love and lots of sweet kisses. and if you're looking for a furry companion, we have you covered. debbie is with forever home and she joins us, and also julie concerns. good morning. let me ask you first, dairy, where did the pups come from?
9:48 am
>> from a backyard breeder in southeast virginia. so that's like a step above a puppy mill. they were all living outside. they were on the ground and they do know how to walk. they were filthy, covered with fleas and ticks and no medical records. you can see their coats are good and their disposition are better than a puppy mill dog who are frightened and reclusive. >> and you not they are batch. what can you tell us about the temperment? >> they arrived with no skills what so ever. from being outside, they discovered toys, staircases, they discovered running around and playing and they're just good with people. they weren't too frightened but the kids in the neighborhood are socialized and they've turned that corner in one week. >> they've learned how to be puppy. >> if you've seen a puppy mill dog they are so frightened and
9:49 am
these guys look relaxed. he's just chilling out. >> and is this scampi that i have. >> yes. >> tell us about examp. >> and this is inky and this is whitey. >> which one is whitey? and how does it work with a forever home? do they get in touch with you? i know you have the pet adoption but how does somebody watching and falling in love with inky and examp and whitey, what do you? do. >> e-mail us quickly. they're hypoallergenic dogs so this is great for you. and they won't get bigger. they'll max out at 15 pounds so you're looking at like an eight pound dog. so e-mail us is the best bet because by next weekend they'll be adopted and go quickly.
9:50 am
>> and remind the folks about the regular adoption events you have. >> every sunday we're at the petco in chantilly from 1:00 to 4:00 and we have 60-80 dogs there at any given time. we have tons of puppies and dogs. so we have seven poodles in this transport and five pap illons. so if somebody is looking for poodles or -- look at this dog is asleep. >> he's got a little fawn. >> his head is tipped over. >> there is nothing cuter. and you always get us with the sweet puppies. julie, thank you for coming in. and thank you for all of the work that you do. because a forever home is different. you guys take these dogs into your home while they are waiting for a forever home. >> and that's the better way. because we know the dog 100% when they are going out and doing things. >> and his little heart is beating so fast. and did you see the little pets
9:51 am
here, tony. so adorable. thank you so much. >> debbie is right, they are going to be adopted very quickly. and i fall asleep like that sometimes right here at the anchor desk. >> i saw you just yawn. >> yes. listen, you've likely heard of habitat for humanity, but are you familiar with re- stores. well holly morris is giving us an inside look at this green business. holly. >> reporter: good morning. it is the essence of a green business. because all of the stuff that would normally be just put in a landfill is now being resold and repurposed and any time we keep thinks out of the dump, we help. and then they go one step further to help out habitat for humanity. and there is no bad news when it comes to the restore. john whitman has worked here for several years and the owner of wittman services. and thinks go quickly here. >> they do. it's called miss a day, miss a
9:52 am
deal. because not everybody comes every day, but if you come two or three times a week and you have that list of projects, all of us that work here carry a pocket -- and in our pocket are dimensions of what we are looking for. >> reporter: and i would say miss a segment, miss a deal. last hour we were showing back when they bring stuff in and there was some nice chairs and somebody called and bought them. >> and you were in the back and i was until the front and somebody came over there and say get over there and buy that carpet. so we appreciate the opportunities today. and it's just wonderful. but on the donation side, it's so much fun to either come in with a trunk load of things and then shop at the same time. because many people come in and say, well isn't this going to be used in the homes that we're building and that's sometimes the case but extremely rare. it's mostly just come on in with the things that you don't need, we all need to get rid of our clutter and recycle it and
9:53 am
put a fair price on, it below market. >> reporter: 50-90% off regular sale price is a fair price. >> it sure is. >> reporter: it's more than fair. >> you'll never find a coupon for that. and everybody has a project at home. at my home, i've got a half bath, tile, pedestal sink, new bars and paint all from restore. >> reporter: i could talk to john forever, but i'm going to move on. but we were showing you the tools department. you know how expensive tools can be. come here and get good deals on tools. and i'm going to talk with bob dellown quickly. and we were talking because you are so great at getting things out there and making money for habitat but not only do you have this here, but you do a lot on craigslist and e-bay. >> we have had a lot of success.
9:54 am
we're able to sell them to people that want them. >> reporter: so what is the best way to go about donating? >> well call our number, 703- 367 -- 703-360-3700. >> reporter: and how can you take advantage of the opportunity. >> come in and visit us every day. >> reporter: but you don't want people's trash either. >> we don't want trash. we want stuff they would want in their house to keep. >> reporter: they would be happy to have? this is another man's -- another man's trash is another man's treasure and i want to to the last but not least guest. this is joseph [ inaudible ]. i'll just call him joe. how long have you been volunteering here. >> this is my first monday in virginia. a lot of free time is spent here. >> reporter: and why do you choose to volunteer here? >> because it's a good way to give back.
9:55 am
i meet a lot of new people. the people that you see volunteer have a good heart. you learn a lot from the experience. >> reporter: and you get a lot of good deals. some of these deals are amazing. >> very much so. and a lot of people come in and they come in and set the stuff up. it's exciting to see what people can do with free time and come out and set up and give back to the communityism it's exciting to know there is good in the world. there is a lot of good still in the world and you can find it here at the habitat for humanity store in chantilly. we have a link to theirs. they are open every day except sunday. we'll have a last look at fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. ring ring. progresso.
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what would you get? the answer is a champagne drink. it's champagne and crem de cassy. well you can run a mile and a half while carrying a tray of glasses and bottle of wine. that's what waiters in belgium did. the idea was to spill as little as possible. the same guy who won last year won this year. the first waiters races were held in france more than 100 years ago. it used to be held on france independence day but the race became popular around the world. >> even to the french? i'm not sure about that. >> they still want to celebrate independence. >> tucker barnes is here with the forecast. later this afternoon, 80, beautiful the next couple of days. cool tonight,


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